UPRIGHT-HTM (Urinary Proteomics Combined with Home Blood Pressure Telemonitoring for Health Care Reform [NCT04299529]) is an investigator-initiated 5‑year clinical trial with patient-centred design.  Patients are being recruited in Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, Taiwan, and Argentina.  The objective is to demonstrate that combining home BP telemonitoring (HBPM) with urinary proteomic profiling (UPP) is feasible in a multicultural context and that compared with HBPM alone risk assessment is more accurate if both HBPM and UPP are applied.  The hypothesis is that better risk stratification will lead to more stringent control of risk factors and improved health outcomes.  The primary endpoint is a composite of new-onset intermediate and hard cardiovascular and renal outcomes.      

The following web pages provide information on:

  1. Recruitment rates by centre (2-monthy updates will follow);
  2. Handling of urine samples for UPP;
  3. A summary of the study protocol;
  4. The UPRIGHT-HTM privacy policy;
  5. Published UPRIGHT-HTM articles.